Guard Booths

Here at Guard-Booths dot net, Mardan Fabrication provides blog articles about guard booths and security booths, particularly prefabricated aluminum guard booths. Our goal is to help you find the best guard booth, security booth, parking booth or ticket booth for the project at hand. Generally speaking, Pre Fab (Prefabricated and/or factory assembled) guard booths are small buildings, usually made of metal that can be purchased easily and ship to location ready to install and use. There are many kinds of guard booths and lots of styles and materials to consider when making a purchase decision.

guard booth

Prefab Guard Booths

A prefabricated guard booth, otherwise known as a prefab guard booth, is factory-assembled, and ships to customer location complete and ready to bolt down, electrify and use. While available in a number of types, this blog will focus on Mardan Fabrication's guard booths, which are of white pre-finished aluminum, with an option to paint your choice of color.

Portable Guard Booths

These prefab guard booths are also portable, and can be transported easily. Our blog articles about prefab guard booths and portable guard booths are continually updated, so come back often for the latest information about guard booths.

Quality portable guard booths are typically aluminum or steel construction. Other types include wood and fiberglass. At Guard-Booths dot net, we will focus on the two longest lasting and versatile types of portable guard booths: pre engineered portable aluminum buildings and factory-assembled portable steel buildings. Each type of portable guard booth has their advantages, depending on the methods used to design and construct them and the craftsmanship in the design and manufacturing processes

Here are the latest blog articles about guard booths:

Guard Booth Installation

guard booth installation

guard booth installation

Mardan Fabrication guard booths, because they are built of aluminum construction are very light in weight. This allows for easy mobility when it comes to offloading and installing the guard booths. When the security booths are shipped from the Mardan production facility, the guard booths are loaded on a flatbed truck allowing for a forklift to get underneath the booth and offload it from the truck.… Read More

Prefabricated Aluminum Parking Booth

prefab parking booth

If you are concerned about keeping non-customers from hogging all the parking spots, adding a parking booth to your parking lots will be beneficial.
Parking booths can be used in a variety of locations such as outdoor parking lots, beach side locations & parking garages. It is important to have a parking booth that is capable of handling many different weather environments such snow, rain and wind to name a few because its crucial for clients to have the ability to collect money for the use of their parking lots.… Read More

Valet Booths

Valet booths are very important for businesses trying to provide excellent customer service. The booths are also pivotal for revenue collection and to provide storage space for the automobile keys. These valet booths are built out of prefinished white aluminum construction. They are equipped with a duplex outlet, light with wall switch, counter for workspace & aluminum treadplate floor.… Read More

Aluminum Attendant Booths

attendant booth

Attendant Booth

An aluminum attendant booth from Mardan Fabrication allows customers to experience higher levels of customer service, security and convenience. When you purchase or specify an attendant booth, you are able to customize it to make sure that it meets all the needs and requirements you have. The fact that the booths are manufactured out of aluminum benefits the end user because it doesn’t
rust or deteriorate and is extremely light in weight which allows the end users to move the booth to different locations if required.… Read More

Cashier Booths

cashier booth

Cashier Booth

Revenue collection is very important for any business. Most businesses that have parking lots for consumers will try to maximize profitability by charging a fee to park. This is where the Mardan Fabrication cashier booth or service booth is the perfect option. The cashier booth is pivotal in providing revenue collection while also being able to provide excellent customer service.… Read More

Control Booth

control booth

Control Booth

Mardan Fabrication manufactures the most durable and well-built control booth available. Mardan Fabrication control booths are able to accommodate employees and all types of equipment in any type location. The engineered aluminum control booth is built to be installed in locations with heavy exposure to rain, snow, and wind. Mardan’s high quality aluminum booths are built to last 25 years with little or minimal maintenance.… Read More

Aluminum Security Booth

Security Booth

Aluminum Security Booth

Security is a topic that is a major concern for everyone, particularly those who are responsible for managing facilities. Providing security for employees, customers and visitors is an absolute must for all types of industrial, commercial, governmental and recreational locations. The solution is to have a security booth in your facilities. Mardan Fabrication manufactures a prefabricated aluminum security booth that is built perfectly for security applications, and furthermore, is built to last for over 20 years with little or no maintenance.… Read More

Custom Guard Booth

aluminum guard boothGuard booths are in extreme demand considering the need for increased security. Many companies are utilizing the guard booths whether if it’s in a parking lot, in front of a warehouse or for other applications. When purchasing these aluminum guard booths, it is has become more and more important to be able to customize them to match the aesthetics of the final installation location or to be able to have machinery or equipment installed in them.… Read More