Guard Booths

Here at Guard-Booths dot net, Mardan Fabrication provides blog articles about guard booths and security booths, particularly prefabricated aluminum guard booths. Our goal is to help you find the best guard booth, security booth, parking booth or ticket booth for the project at hand. Generally speaking, Pre Fab (Prefabricated and/or factory assembled) guard booths are small buildings, usually made of metal that can be purchased easily and ship to location ready to install and use. There are many kinds of guard booths and lots of styles and materials to consider when making a purchase decision.

guard booth

Prefab Guard Booths

A prefabricated guard booth, otherwise known as a prefab guard booth, is factory-assembled, and ships to customer location complete and ready to bolt down, electrify and use. While available in a number of types, this blog will focus on Mardan Fabrication's guard booths, which are of white pre-finished aluminum, with an option to paint your choice of color.

Portable Guard Booths

These prefab guard booths are also portable, and can be transported easily. Our blog articles about prefab guard booths and portable guard booths are continually updated, so come back often for the latest information about guard booths.

Quality portable guard booths are typically aluminum or steel construction. Other types include wood and fiberglass. At Guard-Booths dot net, we will focus on the two longest lasting and versatile types of portable guard booths: pre engineered portable aluminum buildings and factory-assembled portable steel buildings. Each type of portable guard booth has their advantages, depending on the methods used to design and construct them and the craftsmanship in the design and manufacturing processes

Here are the latest blog articles about guard booths:

How to Adjust a Guard Booth’s Door

Prefabricated aluminum booths have a lot of moving parts. It’s important to understand how to properly adjust items inside the guard booth to make sure they are working correctly, specifically a sliding door. This is how to adjust a top suspended sliding door to insure a positive weather tight seal. You will need two 9/16″ open end wrenches to perform the adjustment.… Read More

Gate House

Gate House

Gate House

Gate houses, also known as guard booths or security booths are essential to provide security for condo associations, office buildings, warehouses, etc. Mardan Fabrication manufacturers a prefabricated aluminum gate house that is a pre-wired, pre-finished, and fully environmentally controlled unit. The guard booth / security booth is manufactured out of our prefinished white aluminum construction.… Read More

Information Kiosk

Information Kiosk

Information Kiosk

Information kiosks are extremely important for consumers to gather information while visiting either a theme park or tourist area of a city etc. Our information kiosks are manufactured out of prefabricated aluminum construction. The kiosks are constructed with tempered safety glass, plastic laminate workstation, pre-wired electrical package including light with wall switch, duplex receptacle, & non-skid aluminum tread plate floor.… Read More

Valet Booth

Many companies whether it’s a restaurant or casino are always trying to make it quick and easy for customers to get in and out of the property. Providing a valet service is a service that can really set a business above the rest. Mardan Fabrication manufactures a prefabricated aluminum valet booth, cashier booth or guard booth that can be put right in the drive lane so that the incoming customer is greeted almost immediately and taken care of.… Read More

Information Booth

Whether you are walking around a city or at a theme park, information booths are crucial to provide consumers information they need. Mardan Fabrication manufactures an information booth or kiosk that can help facilitate the requirements of getting information directly to the consumer. These booths are manufactured out of our prefinished white aluminum construction. Also included in the construction are one entry door, pre-wired electrical package, wall-mounted HVAC heat/cool system, plastic laminate workstation, & minimum one transaction window to communicate.… Read More

Prefabricated Customer Service Booth

customer service booth

customer service booth

Customer service is very important. Most businesses put an emphasis on providing the best possible situation for its clientele. A customer service booth is something that companies invest in because it allows them to go the extra mile which most customers appreciate and then results in repeat business. Mardan Fabrication manufactures a customer service booth out of aluminum, galvanized-steel, or stainless steel.… Read More

Modern Guard House vs Tradditional Guard House

modern guard house Guard houses provide the ability for increase security in a desired location. Whether you are a business or campus with a large parking lot or a condo association needing to check in guest, the guard house is pivotal to provide that service. Mardan Fabrication manufactures two different styles of guard houses. All Mardan Fabrication guard booths come standard with one sliding door, ceiling-mounted light with wall switch, duplex receptacle, aluminum treadplate floor, & tempered safety glass.… Read More

Service Writer Booth for Automobile dealerships

service writer booth

service writer booth

A customer’s time, especially in this day and age, is priceless. Automobile dealerships are always exploring options to make service appointments as quick and easy for the consumer as possible. Mardan Fabrication manufactures a service booth for Automobile dealerships that help provide that service. The prefabricated service writer booths offer an efficient, long-lasting and visually appealing way for automobile dealerships to provide excellent customer service.… Read More

Guard Booth Installation

guard booth installation

guard booth installation

Mardan Fabrication guard booths, because they are built of aluminum construction are very light in weight. This allows for easy mobility when it comes to offloading and installing the guard booths. When the security booths are shipped from the Mardan production facility, the guard booths are loaded on a flatbed truck allowing for a forklift to get underneath the booth and offload it from the truck.… Read More

Prefabricated Aluminum Parking Booth

prefab parking booth

If you are concerned about keeping non-customers from hogging all the parking spots, adding a parking booth to your parking lots will be beneficial.
Parking booths can be used in a variety of locations such as outdoor parking lots, beach side locations & parking garages. It is important to have a parking booth that is capable of handling many different weather environments such snow, rain and wind to name a few because its crucial for clients to have the ability to collect money for the use of their parking lots.… Read More