When determining the type of ticket booth you are looking for, you would need to figure out what type of transaction windows you would like. Mardan Fabrication can manufacture the ticket booth with sliding doors, sliding windows, and ticket speak-thru windows. This particular ticket booth, V14-038, was manufactured with two horizontal sliding windows and heavy-duty aluminum construction. This ticket booth is prefabricated and portable. The prefab ticket booth, also known as portable ticket booth was manufactured to meet State of Florida modular building certification with hurricane impact resistance.

Portable Ticket Booth
Portable Ticket Booth V14-038

Mardan Fabrication designs and manufactures prefabricated guard booths, also known as prefab guard booths or security booths. This ticket booth is one of Mardan Fabrication guard booth or security booth applications. Mardan prefab guard booths are pre-assembled and portable with aluminum construction, and easy to move with a forklift. For more information about Mardan ticket booths, please click the button below.