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Here at Guard-Booths dot net, Mardan Fabrication provides blog articles about guard booths and security booths, particularly prefabricated aluminum guard booths. Our goal is to help you find the best guard booth, security booth, parking booth or ticket booth for the project at hand. Generally speaking, Pre Fab (Prefabricated and/or factory assembled) guard booths are small buildings, usually made of metal that can be purchased easily and ship to location ready to install and use. There are many kinds of guard booths and lots of styles and materials to consider when making a purchase decision.

guard booth

Prefab Guard Booths

A prefabricated guard booth, otherwise known as a prefab guard booth, is factory-assembled, and ships to customer location complete and ready to bolt down, electrify and use. While available in a number of types, this blog will focus on Mardan Fabrication's guard booths, which are of white pre-finished aluminum, with an option to paint your choice of color.

Portable Guard Booths

These prefab guard booths are also portable, and can be transported easily. Our blog articles about prefab guard booths and portable guard booths are continually updated, so come back often for the latest information about guard booths.

Quality portable guard booths are typically aluminum or steel construction. Other types include wood and fiberglass. At Guard-Booths dot net, we will focus on the two longest lasting and versatile types of portable guard booths: pre engineered portable aluminum buildings and factory-assembled portable steel buildings. Each type of portable guard booth has their advantages, depending on the methods used to design and construct them and the craftsmanship in the design and manufacturing processes

Here are the latest blog articles about guard booths:

Guard Booth with Restroom

Guard Booth with Restroom

Guard Booth with Restroom

Guard booths with restrooms are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the world for security. The main reason why is that it allows the guard to not have to leave his post in order to use the restroom facilities. More and more locations are utilizing them also because they are ADA compliant which is a key requirement for most municipalities.… Read More

Parking Booths with Security Systems

Parking Booth with Security Systems

Parking Booth with Security Systems

When purchasing a parking booth, security booth or guard booth, one needs to consider what type of equipment they are going to install in the booth. Many areas require a lot of security equipment, computers, etc. in order for the guard to function properly. With Mardan surface-mounting all of our electrical, you are easily able to add whatever computer equipment is necessary to maximize the security potential of the parking booth.… Read More

Benefits of installing prefabricated airport parking booths for long-term and short-term parking

airport parking booth

Airport Parking Booth

Parking at airports has become such a challenge that many copies are offering short-term and long-term parking off-site. They provide transportation to and from the parking lot to the airport. Mardan Fabrication manufactures prefabricated aluminum parking booths or toll booths that are perfect for the revenue collection into these parking lots. Many companies recently have starting purchasing more parking booths because they realize that it’s much more efficient to collect revenue versus having an attendant standing in the road giving out tickets and collecting cash.… Read More

Guard Booth Interior Options

Guard Booth Surface Mounted Electric Panel

Guard Booth Surface Mounted Electric Panel

Mardan Fabrication uses a prefinished white aluminum composite panel on the interior of the guard booth. All of the electrical components that we install are surface mounted. The reason for that is so if you need to relocate conduit or components, it’ll make it easier. Plus, if you have any sort of onsite electrical inspection, it makes it very easy for the inspector to look at it.… Read More

Bullet Resistant Guard Booth

Bullet Resistant Guard Booths

Bullet Resistant Guard Booths V08-210 4060 UL Level 3

Extreme security is something that is being needed now. Many ports of entries in the United States, nuclear plants, or even private businesses are looking for bullet resistant enclosures to provide security of their properties. Mardan Fabrication manufactures a UL level 3 prefabricated bullet resistant guard booth / security booth.… Read More

Security Building

security building

security building

Security is currently at a premium right now. Many companies are looking for solutions where they can have multiple security guards stationed at one location. Mardan Fabrication manufactures large prefabricated security buildings to accommodate that. We have the capability of manufacturing security booths or guard booths that are as large as 12′ x 20′ and possibly larger depending on the customer’s circumstances.… Read More

Car Wash Cashier Booth

Car Wash Cashier Booth

Car Wash Cashier Booth

Car washes all over the United States and the world are looking for a way to help speed up the revenue collection process to increase the amount of customers that flow through the car wash. They are also looking for a way to provide quick and easy customer service to make the experience a better one for customers.… Read More

School Security Booth

school security booths

School Security Booths

Over the past twenty years, we’ve unfortunately had numerous amounts of security issues at schools. The school systems have tried their best to improve school security by adding different mechanisms to provide increased security. One thing they’ve decided to do is create a single entry point to the school. With this now being the case, a prefabricated school security booth or guard booth is perfect to help facilitate this new security checkpoint.… Read More