Guard Booth Interior Options

Guard Booth Surface Mounted Electric Panel

Guard Booth Surface Mounted Electric Panel

Mardan Fabrication uses a prefinished white aluminum composite panel on the interior of the guard booth. All of the electrical components that we install are surface mounted. The reason for that is so if you need to relocate conduit or components, it’ll make it easier. Plus, if you have any sort of onsite electrical inspection, it makes it very easy for the inspector to look at it.… Read More

Bullet Resistant Guard Booth

Bullet Resistant Guard Booths

Bullet Resistant Guard Booths V08-210 4060 UL Level 3

Extreme security is something that is being needed now. Many ports of entries in the United States, nuclear plants, or even private businesses are looking for bullet resistant enclosures to provide security of their properties. Mardan Fabrication manufactures a UL level 3 prefabricated bullet resistant guard booth / security booth.… Read More