An Amazon distribution warehouse located in Davenport, Florida was being built and needed security guard booths. They purchased two 10' x 12' prefabricated aluminum guard booths from us. These security booths were manufactured out of heavy-duty aluminum construction, two sliding windows, overhang, plastic laminate workstations, Low E insulated glass, and aluminum treadplate floor. Amazon has specified our product for distribution warehouses all over the country. This guard booth is State of Florida modular building approved.

Prefab Guard Booth 20-006

The Mardan security guard booth 20-006 is one of Mardan's prefab guard booth applications. The security booth 20-006 is manufactured out of heavy-duty aluminum construction. The prefab security booth is portable and pre-assembled in the Mardan factory. The portable guard booth is easy to move by crane. For more information about Mardan guard booths or security booths, click theĀ  button below.