Mardan Fabrication makes our guard booths and security booths out of heavy-duty aluminum construction. The reason why that's so important is the aluminum metal is extremely light in weight versus steel. This would allow for the Mardan Guard booths to be easily moveable to different locations in one area. You can get the portable guard booths manufactured on wooden skids to move with an onsite forklift. You can have the prefab guard booth built with casters that would allow for you to push the guard booth or security booth to different locations or you can even have it manufactured on a trailer, which a truck could tow to different locations. Those portable security booths can be used for parking control, security of schools, or even car dealership lots to name a few different situations in which the guard booth that can be moved is important.

Guard Booths V14-044

Mardan guard booths and security booths are prefabricated, portable and pre-assembled in the Mardan factory. A Mardan prefab guard booth can ship to customer location compete and ready to blot down, electrify and use. All Mardan prefab guard booths are made of white pre-finished aluminum with an option to paint your choice of color. For more information about Mardan guard booth portability, please click the button below.