Mardan Fabrication manufactures a security booth or guard booth that will be able to fit all of your needs. Whether you need a single person security booth or a guard booth with restroom, we can accommodate that. Another facet of Mardan security booths that make life easy for the customer is the fact that installing them are very easy. All you'll need is a forklift onsite to offload & set the booth on your concrete pad. The guard booths arrive pre-wired & pre-finished which means you just need to anchor to the concrete & connect your onsite electrical feed to our guard booth. The security booth picture 20035 is showing how easy it is to move the portable security booth with a forklift. The security booth 19-045 is a security booth with restroom. Both booths are installed in Miami-Dade County which complies with 175mph hurricane wind speed requirements.

Security Booth 20035