Security Booths

Security Booth articles by Mardan Fabrication providing prefabricated aluminum security booths, guard booths, and other guard booth applications.

School Security Booth

Over the past twenty years, we’ve unfortunately had numerous amounts of security issues at schools. The school systems have tried their best to improve school security by adding different mechanisms to provide increased security. One thing they’ve decided to do is create a single entry point to the school. With this now being the case, a prefabricated school security booth or guard booth is perfect to help facilitate this new security checkpoint.… Read More

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Airport Security Booth

Airport security is crucial nowadays. After the tragedy of September 11th, a premium was placed on making sure all facets of security at the airports are made a priority. Mardan Fabrication manufactures a security booth that is a major part of preventing any potential security issues at an airport. By using a Mardan Fabrication security booth o guard booth you can set up multiple checkpoints for the airport passengers, employees or frequent visitors to an airport. … Read More

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Aluminum Security Booth

Security is a topic that is a major concern for everyone, particularly those who are responsible for managing facilities. Providing security for employees, customers and visitors is an absolute must for all types of industrial, commercial, governmental and recreational locations. The solution is to have a security booth in your facilities. Mardan Fabrication manufactures a prefabricated aluminum security booth that is built perfectly for security applications, and furthermore, is built to last for over 20 years with little or no maintenance.… Read More

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