Benefits of installing prefabricated airport parking booths for long-term and short-term parking

airport parking booth

Airport Parking Booth

Parking at airports has become such a challenge that many copies are offering short-term and long-term parking off-site. They provide transportation to and from the parking lot to the airport. Mardan Fabrication manufactures prefabricated aluminum parking booths or toll booths that are perfect for the revenue collection into these parking lots. Many companies recently have starting purchasing more parking booths because they realize that it’s much more efficient to collect revenue versus having an attendant standing in the road giving out tickets and collecting cash.… Read More

Prefabricated Aluminum Parking Booth

prefab parking booth

If you are concerned about keeping non-customers from hogging all the parking spots, adding a parking booth to your parking lots will be beneficial.
Parking booths can be used in a variety of locations such as outdoor parking lots, beach side locations & parking garages. It is important to have a parking booth that is capable of handling many different weather environments such snow, rain and wind to name a few because its crucial for clients to have the ability to collect money for the use of their parking lots.… Read More