ticket booth

Whether you need a small ticket booth for selling admission for high school sporting event tickets or a large portable ticket booth that can handle thousands of visitors at festivals, a prefab booth can meet your needs. In this blog, we will focus on two kinds of ticket booths: prefabricated aluminum ticket booths and portable steel ticket booths.

Both these types of prefabricated ticket booths can provide a prominent, highly visible, and appealing appearance. These prefab ticket booths give you a variety of designs, size and configurations. Portable ticket booths also provide placement flexibilities; those portable ticket booths are easily relocated, and can be moved with a forklift or other equipment. In addition, prefabricated ticket booths give you a variety of features and options such as locking cash drawers and floor safes, vandal resistant glass, exterior lights and extended roof overhangs for weather protection. Whether it’s a prefabricated aluminum ticket booth or portable steel ticket booth, each kind of ticket booth serves the needs of ticket booths for your facilities.

ticket booth

The installation and use of prefabricated aluminum ticket booths might be simpler because of the relatively low weight of aluminum construction. In addition, a portable aluminum ticket booth is easy to clean and maintain particularly a prefinished Mardan aluminum booth. Moreover, the use of prefab ticket booths is advantageous in coastal areas, since the prefinished aluminum material does not rust or deteriorate with constant exposure to the ocean air and high salt conditions.

Mardan Fabrication offers aluminum ticket booths that will last through tough weather conditions while providing a solid structure and locking doors to ensure safety to your employees. Mardan Fabrication’s custom design options allow for you to personalize your own ticket booth and make it specific to what best fits your needs. These options for our prefabricated aluminum ticket booth include varied roof shapes, window styles, glass types, flooring material, and much more. We also provide a wide-range of accessories such as HVAC, locking cash drawers, exterior counters, and much more.

All Mardan Fabrication ticket booths are shipped fully assembled and ready for immediate delivery. For more information about our ticket booths, email us at http://www.mardanfab.com/contact/, or call us at (800) 882-5820.