Portable Ticket Booth V16-041
Portable Ticket Booth on Wheels V16-010

Having a portable ticket booth is very important. It will allow the customer to be able to utilize the ticket booth is different locations to collect revenue. Mardan Fabrication manufactures either a skid-mounted ticket booth or a ticket booth on wheels. We have the ability to provide a power inlet plug so you can temporary connect power to it. The first ticket booth is a 3' x 5' booth that has a hip roof and the second ticket booth is a 4' x 6' booth. Both units are prefabricated out of heavy duty aluminum construction.

Those portable ticket booths are examples of Mardan guard booth / security booth applications. Mardan ticket booths, guard booths and security booths are portable and prefabricated with aluminum construction. Mardan prefab ticket booths are of white pre-finished aluminum, with an option to paint your choice of color. Mardan ticket booths can be purchased easily and ship to location ready to install and use.