School Security Booth

school security booths

School Security Booths

Over the past twenty years, we’ve unfortunately had numerous amounts of security issues at schools. The school systems have tried their best to improve school security by adding different mechanisms to provide increased security. One thing they’ve decided to do is create a single entry point to the school. With this now being the case, a prefabricated school security guard booth is perfect to help facilitate this new security checkpoint. Mardan Fabrication provides an aluminum security checkpoint booth that can be made for one person or multiple people. This allows for a security officer to man the school security checkpoint during any sort of situation.There are numerous amounts of options that can be provided in order to best fit each particular location. Whether you are in a highly volatile coastal condition or in a snow environment, the aluminum is the correct choice.

school security booth

school security booth

This particular school security booth is located in Miami, Florida. The school purchased this 8′ x 10′ security booth to provide a single access checkpoint for parents and visitors to stop. This particular booth is manufactured out of heavy-duty aluminum construction, Low E insulated impact resistant glass, standing seam hip roof, plastic laminate workstation, sliding window & aluminum treadplate floor. This booth is State of Florida modular building approved. If you are a school district or college looking for security booths, Mardan Fabrication is the answer.