Security Booth
Aluminum Security Booth

Security is a topic that is a major concern for everyone, particularly those who are responsible for managing facilities. Providing security for employees, customers and visitors is an absolute must for all types of industrial, commercial, governmental and recreational locations. The solution is to have a security booth in your facilities. Mardan Fabrication manufactures a prefabricated aluminum security booth that is built perfectly for security applications, and furthermore, is built to last for over 20 years with little or no maintenance. Mardan security booths are manufactured standard with durable prefinished white aluminum construction, tempered safety glass, a top hung sliding aluminum door, a plastic laminate counter-top & standard electrical with duplex outlet and a light with wall switch. Wall or roof mounted environmental control systems are available along with an extensive list of options including exterior
paint colors, sliding windows, different types of glass, etc..

security booth
aluminum prefab security booth

One option that is highly popular is to replace the standard flat roof on the security booth with a hip style standing seam metal roof. Most customers want to match aesthetics of the building they are trying to secure so having the flexibility to put the hip roofs on the booths is necessary. Additionally, the contrasting color of the prefinished metal roof can often serve as a landmark to assist visitors in their wayfinding around your campus or grounds. Mardan prefabricated aluminum security booths are extremely light in weight and are easily moved with a forklift. MFI security booths can be engineered to meet most model building codes in the United States and are wired according to the National Electric Code.