airport parking booth
Airport Parking Booth

Parking at airports has become such a challenge that many copies are offering short-term and long-term parking off-site. They provide transportation to and from the parking lot to the airport. Mardan Fabrication manufactures prefabricated aluminum parking booths or toll booths that are perfect for the revenue collection into these parking lots. Many companies recently have starting purchasing more parking booths because they realize that it’s much more efficient to collect revenue versus having an attendant standing in the road giving out tickets and collecting cash. It’s also a lot safer for the employee to be inside a parking booth. Our parking booths or guard booths are manufactured out of pre-finished white aluminum construction which doesn’t rust or deteriorate in harsh salt conditions or weather conditions. The parking lot booths come standard with one entry door, plastic laminate counter, pre-wired electrical package, tempered safety glass and aluminum treadplate floor. HVAC systems, paint colors, sliding windows, different types of glass are a few of the options available.

This particular parking booth, also known as airport parking booth, toll booth or guard booth was purchased for a long-term parking lot. They went with our 4′ x 8′ aluminum parking booth. It was manufactured with clear insulated glass, wall-mounted HVAC unit, pre-wired electrical package, plastic laminate counter and aluminum treadplate floor. This size parking booth is able to fit comfortably one person and if necessary could fit two.