Operator booths, also known as operator shelters are crucial for manufacturing businesses that need an overseer to make sure employees are working efficiently. In the times of Covid-19, social distancing is a requirement in order to have a safe and orderly environment. That being the case, Mardan Fabrication is able to manufacture booths large enough in order to provide a socially distanced space for more than one operator at a time. This particular booth, V14-036, is an operator booth that is 8′ wide. Each operator is able to work in different parts of the operator booth and keep socially distanced. The operator booth is manufactured out of heavy-duty aluminum construction. The operator booth has multiple sliding doors to enable for ventilation in the booth.

The operator booth is one of Mardan Fabrication guard booth / security booth industrial applications. Mardan guard booths and security booths are prefabricated and preassembled with aluminum construction. Mardan prefab booths and security booths are portable, and easy to move with a forklift. Mardan portable guard booths or security booths are manufactured in Mardan standard white prefinished aluminum. For more information about Mardan operator booths, please click the button below.