Guard Tower
Guard Tower JM Toyota

Many properties have large areas of security that need to be overseen. Security for parking lots full of cars is a good example. Mardan Fabrication manufactures our prefabricated aluminum guard booths that can be attached to either an aluminum or steel platform with steps enabling the security guard to view the entire area. The elevated guard booths, also known as guard towers and observation towers can be customized to be customer requested sizes and the platforms can be manufactured to accommodate that.

This particular guard booth, guard tower or observation tower was manufactured for JM Family who is the Southeast Toyota distributor. They needed to have a surface lot full of inventory overseen and secured by a guard but needed the guard to be able to see the entire parking lot. They decided to purchase our 4’8 x 7′ aluminum booth with the guard platform. The booth is State of Florida modular building approved to meet wind load requirements in Duval County which is the county Jacksonville is located. The booth has Low E insulated glass with wall mounted HVAC. For more information, please visit our website at for more information.