Modern Guard House vs Tradditional Guard House

modern guard house Guard houses provide the ability for increase security in a desired location. Whether you are a business or campus with a large parking lot or a condo association needing to check in guest, the guard house is pivotal to provide that service. Mardan Fabrication manufactures two different styles of guard houses. All Mardan Fabrication guard booths come standard with one sliding door, ceiling-mounted light with wall switch, duplex receptacle, aluminum treadplate floor, & tempered safety glass. Environmental control systems are available upon request as well including a wall mounted unit or roof mounted unit.

Traditional Guard HouseOur traditional guard house (Vista Series), is a standard rectangular shaped booth that is the standard design most businesses and condo associations procure for security. These guard houses do have an extensive list of options to customize them if necessary including painting the exterior and adding standing seam metal roofs. Mardan Fabrication also manufactures a more modern style guard house (Omni Series) which has either a round end on one side or round end on both sides. These guard houses provide a more sleek and modern look that allows for more of a featured style guard house. Just like the traditional/Vista series style guard houses, an extensive list of options is also available with these booths. You can paint the exterior of the guard booth. Add additional doors, sliding windows, upgraded counters etc. to name a few. Whether you purchase the traditional (Vista Series) or the modern (Omni Series) guard house, you will be satisfied. To find out more about these guard houses, please visit our guard booth page.