How to Adjust a Guard Booth’s Door

Prefabricated aluminum booths have a lot of moving parts. It’s important to understand how to properly adjust items inside the guard booth to make sure they are working correctly, specifically a sliding door. This is how to adjust a top suspended sliding door to insure a positive weather tight seal. You will need two 9/16″ open end wrenches to perform the adjustment. The distance between the door jamb tube and the locking edge should be parallel from the top to the bottom of the opening. If the distance is not constant, the pendant hanger will need to be adjusted. Adjust the hanger pendant to raise or lower the door by loosening the upper and lower jamb nut and turning the adjustment nut in the direction needed for parallel distance between the door and the jamb. Confirm clearance between the bottom of the door and floor guide channel is adequate so not to inhibit its operation. Retighten the jamb nuts to secure the pendant. Additionally, verify that the end stop located near the end of the top track provides adequate stopping distance between the booth and the exterior door pull. If adjustment is necessary, loosen the Philips head set screw and adjust the position and retighten the set screw.

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