Portable Gate House
Portable Gate House 17-042-043

Mardan Fabrication guard booths are made to either be portable or permanent. This particular installation is a portable gate house. It is 6’ x 8’ with a roof-mounted A/C. Also included in this guard booth, also known as guard house or security booth is a wall-mounted heater, plastic laminate counter, & pre-wired electrical package. With our portable gate houses, they are easily moveable with a forklift so you can establish different locations if necessary to provide an entrance and exit to a location.

The portable gate house is one of Mardan guard booth / security booth applications. Mardan guard booths or security booths are all prefabricated, portable and factory-assembled with white aluminum construction. Fore more information about Mardan portable gate houses, please visit our contact us page, or  call 1-800-882-5820.