Covid-19 has changed how we look at our standard process and practices. In the case of toll booths, normally there would be a lot of contact during the toll collection process. One thing we are looking at providing is a more contactless process in which the toll attendant is still able to collect money while conversing with the incoming car. This particular toll booth, V14-044, was manufactured with a small vertical sliding window in which the attendant in the toll booth could just reach out while protecting there upper body, while wearing a mask.

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Toll Booths V14-044
Prefab Toll Booth
Prefab Toll Booth V14-044

Mardan Fabrication designs and builds prefabricated guard booths, also known as security booths. This toll booth is one of Mardan guard booth or security booth applications. Mardan prefab guard booths are factory-assembled and portable with aluminum construction, and easy to move with a forklift. For more information about Mardan toll booths, please click the button below.