toll booth

Portable toll booths, security booths & guard booths are extremely important because most companies want the flexibility to be able to pick up their security booth or toll booth and move it to multiple locations. Mardan Fabrication has developed a prefabricated aluminum security booth & toll booth design that is mounted on skids for easy move-ability. This type of portable guard booth or parking booth can be manufactured by Mardan with a full electrical package that includes light, a duplex outlet & HVAC. The portable guard booths & toll booths also have many options including roof overhangs, different exterior paint color options, standing seam hip roof, different types of glass tints of glass, multiple doors, etc.

toll booths

In these particular pictures, a coastal municipality located on the Atlantic Ocean needed to have portable toll booths & security booths located at different parts all across the county because the county allows for drivers to actually drive their cars and trucks on the beach. The aluminum mobile security & toll booths were perfect for this because they are extremely light in weight which allows for easily mobility and also because the aluminum material does not rust or corrode in the high salt environment. These particular portable toll booths & security booths were manufactured with a standing seam hip roof, blue/green tinted glass, multiple sliding transaction windows and wooden skids. These toll booths were also manufactured with an interior counter and cashier drawer to allow for payment collections. In total this municipality purchased over 30 of these portable aluminum security and toll booths.