Toll Booths
Toll Booths V15-034

Benefits of installing attended toll booths start with controlling the flow of traffic through a particular traffic area. Also, attended toll booths allow for collecting revenue for that area which can help municipalities or business.

These particular toll booths (Mardan Toll Booth V15-034) were installed in New Jersey. These toll booths were manufactured to State of New Jersey IBC modular building certification. They included a blue color to match the color scheme of the Downbeach Express. Also included was Low E insulated glass, wall-mounted HVAC heat/cooling unit, entry door, pre-wired electrical package and sliding windows.

The Toll Booth V15-034 is one of Mardan guard booth / security booth applications. Mardan guard booths are prefabricated and factory assembled with aluminum construction. Mardan guard booths are also portable, and easy to move with a forklift.