More and more security is becoming an issue when it comes to running businesses. Right now, we are seeing more and more that companies are looking to protect there property and staff. That being the case, they are purchasing prefabricated security booths in order to have a permanent 24 hour security officer protecting the site.

Portable Security Booth
Portable Security Booth V15-055

This particular security booth was manufactured to have the ability to have a full camera system and communication center for security. The security booth included wall-HVAC heating and cooling unit, pre-wired electrical package, plastic laminate workstation, multiple sliding windows for speaking with incoming and outgoing guests. All of our security booths can be customized to meet each customers needs.

Mardan Fabrication designs and builds prefabricated security booths, also known as prefab security booths or prefab guard booths. Mardan security booths are portable and factory-assembled with aluminum construction. For more information about Mardan portable security booths or guard booths, go to our contact us page or just click the button below.